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GMP, factory system audit

GMP / Factory System audit

Food safety and quality can only be assured if the manufacturing facility has the correct systems in place to reduce the risk of safety or quality deviation.

The Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standard is recognised as an absolutely essential standard to reduce the risk of food safety and quality deviations. GMP standards are also a pre-requisite to implementing HACCP standards, so if your company is aiming for HACCP accreditation, then the implementation of a GMP standard is critical.

Our GMP audit has been based on the SABS 049 code of practice. Through our significant experience in the food industry, we have added to the SABS 049 requirements to ensure that areas of quality consistency and legislative requirements are also implemented.

The FCS GMP audit is a practical user friendly audit. We have found that there is often confusion and misunderstanding within the food industry regarding implementing a food safety management system. There are so many acronyms such as GMP, GAP, GHP, HACCP, ISO, BRC etc, that it is small wonder that food manufacturers find it so confusing. Misunderstanding breeds fear and we have found that many manufacturers fear the implementation of a food safety system, simply because they do not understand what a food safety system entails. The FCS GMP audit is designed to eliminate this fear.

Our GMP audits offer a workable and practical food safety system that can easily be implemented and controlled. Our competent and experienced auditors will work with you to ensure that you understand the reasoning behind the GMP requirements and how these requirements will help improve your ability to manufacture foods that are consistently safe and of the required quality.

Every manufacturing process consists of inputs, a transformation process and then outputs. The inputs and outputs have to be stored and the transformation process must be housed within a physical facility, utilising equipment to produce the transformation. Each and every step in the manufacturing process, from the selection of raw materials, to the design and layout of the manufacturing facility, adds a potential risk to the production of safe, quality food. The FCS GMP audit examines each and every step in the manufacturing process, along with the physical requirements of the actual facility to identify the inherent risks within that particular process. Once the risks have been identified, steps can be taken to either eliminate them or reduce them to an acceptable and manageable level.

If you want a practical and workable food safety system, then our GMP audit is your answer. The FCS GMP audit is not an alternative to ISO, HACCP or BRC audits, but rather a pre-requisite and complement to them.

Our GMP audits are tried and tested. We have clients where we frequently test their final products according to a full list of sensory, quality and safety requirements. Before the implementation of our GMP requirements, quality and safety problems were being encountered on a frequent basis. The Implementation of our GMP standards have resulted in a significant reduction in both quality and safety issues. This has lead to a more efficiently run business, with fewer defects and recalls, which ultimately results in an improved bottom line.

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