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Sensory evaluation is an invaluable tool to Quality Control as well as Research and Development. Customers perceive product quality with their senses, and as a result, organoleptic evaluations are an essential component of any Quality Control evaluations. All of the technical, chemical and microbiological parameters of a product may well be within specification, but if the product fails to meet sensory expectations, or performs poorly against a competitor, product sales and brand image may well suffer. Organoleptic evaluations can also be used to develop sensory profiles when developing new products.

Food Consulting services has a panel of graduate food technologists to help with all your sensory needs.

Food Consulting Services can help you with your sensory needs in the following ways:
•  Benchmark Evaluations sensory comparisons to a benchmark or brand leader to evaluate differences and similarities.
•  Problem Solving problems with products can be pinpointed
•  Product Development sensory profiles of new products can be developed
•  Shelf Life Testing Sensory profiles are evaluated over a period of time to determine optimal shelf life usability and stability.
Sensory evaluations are performed in the following main organoleptic categories:
Taste the taste profile of the products are evaluated.
Texture The texture of the foods is evaluated
Colour Food colours are evaluated
Olfactory olfactory evaluations of foods.

Please contact us if you require more information sensory evaluation.

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